Again this new school year, Paper Dragon is offering professionally written Grades K-2 SSYRA book questions for your SSYRA competitions!

Each Test Questions Package contains a Teacher’s Master Set, with highlighted answers and page references, along with a reproducible Classroom Set for actual test-taking.

Click here to see the attached sample for the 2020-21 nominee, Can I Be Your Dog?, which includes three answer choices and page references. Each set has a range of 25-30 questions and several have Bonus, Discussion, or Memory questions. The accompanying Classroom Set is for actual test-taking. All sets have been formatted with a wider left-hand margin for easy organization in a 3-ring binder.

Purchase the 2022-23 Grades K-2 SSYRA JR.
Battle/Test Questions (15 book titles) – for only $55.00!

Buy online or call (813) 962-3879 to place your school site order. Paper Dragon accepts district purchase orders, P-Cards, and school checks. The Test Questions Package for all 15 books will be e-mailed to you the same day!